Our Menu

Monsieur Régis Goralsky, Chef de cuisine, and all his Team do for you our  « Homemade » meals

Menu-Karte « Just a Starter as Maincourse» 20.00€

A Maincourse Menu 24.00€

Menu-Karte Starter-Maincourse or Maincourse-Cheese or Maincourse-Desert 32.00€

Menu-Karte Starter-Maincourse -Cheese or Starter-Maincourse -Desert 41.00€

Menu-Karte Starter-Fish-Meat-Cheese-Desert 56.00€


Foie gras / Goose traditionnal terrine, seasonal chutney, Port Wine, toasted golden brioche (+03.00€)

Beef/ Carpaccio with Basilic Pesto, Roquette, Parmesan, Summer Truffel

Dorade Royale/ Fish tartare, lemon, cebette, mango, avocado

Egg/ Perfect cooked at 64°, topinambour cream, walnuts and seasonal mushrooms

Tuna/ Fish like a tataki with sesam, vegetables in tempura, wasabi, soya cream


Black Tiger/Schrimps, risotto with shitaké from Alsace, Ibérian Ham, parmesan

Redfish Bream/Bouillabaisse sauce, confit fennel, potatoes and saffron rust, croutons

Poultry/ chicken filet from Alsace à la Basquaise, tomato coulis

Beef/ Filet Simmental artichokes, burnt eggplant, meaty juice (+03.00€)

Lamb/roastedwith herbs, Del Piquillo pimentos stuffed with fresh goat cheese, pomenta fries, fresh thyme juice and black garlic


Frégola sarda/ typical Sardinian pasta cooked as a tomato confit risotto, vegetables of the moment, tomato-basil smouthy



Crème brûlée/ traditional Tahitian vanilla bean, stewed rhubarb and ice cream

Red Berries/ Panna Cotta with white cheese, red berries, ice cream

Lemon/ Breton cake, lemon cream, French meringue, associated sorbet

Baba/With Rhum, whipped cream, citrus sirup and ice cream

Café gourmand


Plate discovery of France through his cheeses 21.00 € (18 varieties minimum)

Discovery plate accompanied by 2 glasses of wine 29.00 €

Plate of cheeses 10.00 €

Plate of cheeses, large plate 15.00 €

In case of allergies, please let us know, information on the allergens notified in our dishes will be transmitted by us.

You are Vegetarians, Vegan, share your desires,

We will develop a menu for you only.

You can not finish your dishes, no worries, you can take them on request.

Our Unconditianals

Veal kidneys/ flatbed with Potwine, spaetzle 19.50€

Veal/cordon bleu, mushroom cream sauce 24.00€

Choucroute/royale with 9 meats, potatoes, horseradish and mustard Allélor-Raifalsa 21.00€

Cake of the day  05.00€


Faux-Filet or Entrecôtematured 13,50 € per 100 grams

Côte de Boeufmatured 12,50 € per 100 grams

All our meats are matured at least 3 weeks …

Our chefs offer tastings of meat matured 5 to 6 weeks …

Arrival and maturation according to availability, that is why we remain dependent on consumption and are likely to be breaking some selected pieces …

We offer a selection of ready-to-cut meats without trimming …

With a minimum of 200 grams, in order to guarantee a better cooking, it is you who choose the size of your piece of exception …

Served with Rattes potatoes, garlic, mushrooms and gravy

Summer Truffle 08.00€


Starters à la carte     18.00€

Desserts à la carte 09.00€


Each formula can be accompanied by a drinks package

– an aperitif of your choice (excluding Champagne and Vendanges Tardives), a glass of selection wine,Water and coffee 13.00 €

– an aperitif of your choice (excluding Champagne and Vendanges Tardives), two glasses of wine selection, water and a coffee 16.00 €