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Monsieur Eric Fuchs, Maître restaurateur,

Our Chef Christian ACKER, all Team do for you our  « Homemade » meals

Voyage en France

Nos formules « Jardin de Bacchus»

Menu-Karte « Just a Starter as Maincourse» 21.00€

A Maincourse Menu 25.00€

Menu-Karte Satrter-Maincourse or Maincourse-Cheese or Maincourse-Desert 33.00€

Menu-Karte Starter-Maincourse -Cheese oder Starter-Maincourse -Desert 42.00€

Menu-Karte Satrter-Fish-Meat-Cheese-Desert 57.00€



Snails cromesquis with garlic, oyster mushrooms aond parsley coulis

Cream of cauliflowers soup with coriander, scallops, cuttlefish ink crust

Seared foie gras and sweetbreads with hazelnuts, Port wine and mango brunoise

Tartar of two celery in walnut oil, raw ham, perfect egg and Parmesan cheese


Back of zander with Buewespäetzle, marrow and velvety with foie gras

Pavé of leanfish, blinis of potatoes and confit fennel

Fillet of sea bream, mashed potatoes with Yuzu oil, shellfish bisque salsify


Lamb pancake with herbs, star anise juice

Can fillet lacquered with soy and balsamic honey, celery muslin

Beef Tournedos with Mushroom Ravioli and Truffle Juice

Veal onglet with morels and Cognac, potato röestis with red onions


Delight all chocolate, crispy and creamy

Amandine pear and tartare with Amaretto fig syrup

Macaroon with bergamot and mango cream

Crème brûlée grandmother Art


Plate discovery of France through its cheeses 21.00 € (18 varieties minimum)

Discovery plate accompanied by 2 glasses of wine 29.00 €

Plate of cheeses 10.00 €

Plate of cheeses, large plate 15.00 €

In case of allergies, please let us know, information on the allergens notified in our dishes will be transmitted by us.

You are Vegetarians, Vegan, share your desires,

We will develop a menu for you only.

You can not finish your dishes, no worries, you can take them on request.

Prix nets en Euro

 Home Suggests

Starters  Possible as Maincourse + 03.00€

Terrine of goose foie gras, apple confit with pepper 20.50 €

Smoked salmon, Wa cream, onions and capers 18.50 €

Potato pancakes with smoked ham and herb white cheese 16.50 €

Onion tart, bunch of lamb’s lettuce with smoked duck breast  15.50 €

Pastry with cream sauce, veal, mushrooms and chicken   15,00 €


Veal kidneys sautéed with sweet-sour cherries 22.00 €

Roasted salmon steak, Charlotte potatoes and veggies such a Backeoffe, horseradish cream 21.00 €

Braised pork cheeks with Pinot Noir, späetzle 20.00 €

Breaded veal cord, « Cordon Bleu », mushroom cream sauce 22.00 €

Sauerkraut with garnish 21.00 €

Rib steak or Fillet matured 13,50 € per 100 grams

Rib of beef matures 12,50 € per 100 grams

All our meats are matured at least 3 weeks …

Our chefs offer tastings of meat matured 5 to 6 weeks …

Arrival and maturation according to availability, that is why we remain dependent on consumption and are likely to be breaking some selected pieces …

We offer a selection of ready-to-cut meats without trimming …

With a minimum of 200 grams, in order to guarantee a better cooking, it is you who choose the size of your piece of exception …


Orange marinated with Cointreau, kiwi coulis, blood orange sorbet 09.00 €

Dampfnuddel with caramelized pineapple, vanilla ice cream 09.00 €

Chocolate fondant, passion and creamy heart 09.00 €

Gourmet coffee 09.00 €

Each formula can be accompanied by a drinks package

– an aperitif of your choice (excluding Champagne and Vendanges Tardives), a glass of selection wine,Water and coffee 12.00 €

– an aperitif of your choice (excluding Champagne and Vendanges Tardives), two glasses of wine selection, water and a coffee 16.00 €

Drinks without alccol offered to children under 10 years (Coca and Coca-light, Flat or fizzy water, Fanta served by glass and choice)