Visit and discover our northern  Alsace !


Activities and hobbies
St Georges Church (XII th – XV th century), St Nicolas Church (XIII th- XVI th century) and the Basilica of Marienthal. Visits of the town with guides, of museums and churches.
Tours from the little villages of northern Alsace. Programs with plenty bicycle trips, or walking trips. Beautiful houses from XVIII th century, theaters. historical museum : beautiful historical and prehistorical things to discover. Alsacien museum : all typical alsatian folks.
19 000 ha forest. Haguenau, is in the center of northern Alsace, 5 minutes away from Soufflenheim, 10 minutes from Betschdorf, 20 minutes from Fleckenstein castle, and many more castels in this small area, 25 minutes from Wissembourg, Strasbourg, Germany, the military fortifications (SCHOENENBOURG for exemple) ,… and when even, in the middle of the Nature..Start your trips from the center of HAGUENAU capital of the Decapolis, with his trails of the ancient town Haguenau » near the Big Oak (one of the biggest french forest). Discover SOUFFLENHEIM & BETSCHDORF on that trail, two villages well known for their poteries over centuries.

Go back in time on the Maginot-fortifications, and discover the casemates of Hatten,  (the museum of the shelter, as the Esch-casemate), the lime-Owen of LEMBACH, the Fort of SCHOENENBOURG but also the Citadel of BITSCHE, the museum of War in Woerth.Discover the most beautiful and typical alsatian villages like SEEBACH, HUNSPACH, but also KUTZENHAUSEN, STEINSELTZ, RITTERSHOFFEN, MUNCHAUSEN. The oil-museum  in MERCKWILLER-PECHELBRONN, the  distillery of CLEEBOURG as their reputed wine cellars. Don’t forget to visit WISSEMBOURG, or cross the northern boarder to Germany, entry of the southern german wine road.

Go down again to the castles, the FLECKENSTEIN is the most known, visit OBERBRONN, NIEDERBRONN and come back through the magical forest. A day will be short to discover STRASBOURG, the European Capital, but you must see the district of « the Petite France », as the cathedral. Along the Rhine, going to the North again, you’ll find GAMBSHEIM , where you can see salmons go through a fish pass. Make a stop in the nice german town BADEN-BADEN, well known for spa-treatments and casinos. Another tip would be to visit the distilleries et micro-breweries in MARIENTHAL and UBERACH.

Extend your stay by a getaway to the Saint Odile Mount, to the Struthof, to Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, to the eagles aviary and the monkeys mountain.

Another good idea would be the natural Park of the northern Vosges mountains, with the Lichtenberg castle, « La Petite-Pierre », and then, come back to see the incline-plane of ARZWILLER, a boat lift to cross the mountain. There are so much things to do in our wonderful country of Alsace, and many more.

If it seems unreachable for you, just come, and discover the marvelous scenery, where the nature has been preserved.

Visit STRASBOURG, our european capital.

Conferral guide Alsace : consult us
It will be a pleasure for Véronique to guide you in this wonderful town, to show you the classical Strasbourg , the unusual one, or « visit by themes ».)

The activities and centers of interest in our town HAGUENAU

St Georges church (XIII th – XV th century) – St-Nicolas church (XIII th – XVI th century)
the Marienthal Basilica;

Guided tours downtown, museums and churches in french, german, and english on reservation.
Guides tours of typical villages of northern Alsace. Programs of discover and guided tours  in high summer season – Many pedestal trails and discoveries.

Trails and bicycle tours ;

Nice houses of the  18 th century, theaters, lofts

Historical Museum: remarkable prehistorical and roman collections

Alsatian Museum: arts and popular alsatian traditional ;

19 000 ha of Forest ;

Tower of the Fishermen and Tower of the Knights: remains of the enclosure of 1230.

Door of Wissembourg: remains of the enclosure of 1300.

remains of a mill  mentioned since the 13th century.

Haguenau, in the heart of northern Alsace, 5 Minutes from Soufflenheim away, 10 Minutes from Betschdorf, 20 minutes from the Fleckenstein castle and other castles, 25 minutes from Wissembourg, from Strasbourg, from Germany, and from the military fortifications  (like SCHOENENBOURG for example ),… and when even, in the middle of the Nature.

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